In the state Duma proposed to pay the Crimean Soviet debts



State Duma Deputy Dmitry Belik (“United Russia”) offered to pay the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol debts on deposits and government securities, the remaining from Soviet times. The bill he plans to submit for consideration the lower chamber of Parliament, reports RT on Wednesday, may 31.

“They should be able to receive compensation, for example, confirming the presence of a passbook in branch of the savings Bank or other authorized Bank as divisions of Sberbank in the Crimea”, — explained his initiative Belik, representing in the Duma of Sevastopol.

According to the parliamentarian, the payment of debts on Soviet deposits and securities will allow you to maintain a population that is “in a difficult social situation”. He explained that the law on compensation is already there, but on the inhabitants of the then Ukrainian Crimea it does not spread (the Peninsula became part of Russia following a referendum in 2014 — approx. “Of the”).

The package of amendments, which will include the Crimea in the category of the recipient of debt, is now under consideration by the Federal government and the expert Council of the Duma, said Belik.

According to the explanatory Memorandum to the bill, which is available RT, the volume of deposits, which the inhabitants of the Peninsula were placed in Sberbank before 1992, estimated at more than 3.5 billion Soviet rubles. The intention of the legislator, the payouts will be made until 2022, each year, they will be about 600 million rubles.

In the budget for a three-year period to 2019 by payment on deposits and certificates of USSR savings Bank and other Treasury obligations of the USSR laid 16.5 billion.

Branch of the Russian Sberbank has begun to pay compensation on deposits of citizens in financial and credit institutions of the Soviet Union in 2008.