In Russia, invented new ways of dealing with toning

In Russia, invented new ways of dealing with toning

To “hunt” for tinted over standard cars will not only the outfits of the Road patrol service.

In the Vladimir region declared a large-scale operation “Toning”. Thus, as informs regional management of traffic police, “targeted events developing Avtomatika will be carried out by groups of outfits DPS traffic police” to help “the maximum number of personnel of the state traffic Inspectorate” and “the precinct of the police and the staff of the combatant units of the patrol service of the police”.

In unofficial conversations, the traffic police from other regions have confirmed the wording “Auto Mail.Ru” that soon, similar raids will start across the country, moreover, to struggle with toning “on instructions from Moscow” for the first time it is planned to massively attract the precinct and patrol police.

To operate the district and will Pesnica according to the following scheme: zatonirovany seeing the car, the police will have to report to my colleagues from the traffic police make, model, and license plate number, and the address where it’s parked (or the coordinates, which way is moving auto). In turn, the traffic police inspectors will leave at the specified address to carry out measurements and (in case of discrepancy of the glass standards) to issue to the violator a fine.

Most likely, these raids will take place across the country. For the motorist it is important to know a few things. The first Protocol is made only after measuring. That is, “by eye” doesn’t work here. Second, you may be required to show you the device certificate that will be used to make measurements. Well, of course, without you, no one measure should not.Maxim Tolmachevskoye

Thus, under “RAID” will get even those vehicles that are parked in yards or in front of shopping and office centres — such a practice until now has not been applied. However, to fine the owner of the car, not checking the light transmission of glass, the police can’t.

According to part 3.1 of article 12.5 of the administrative code, traffic police officer, in accordance with paragraph 63 of Administrative regulations, have the right to stop the vehicle and to measure the corresponding light transmission glass only with the help of the device. Such a device must be certified. That is, if the instrument has not been used [during the test], you have the right to appeal the decision, citing the law.Sergei Ivanovites