Archaeologists found out a daily diet of Jesus Christ

Archaeologists found out a daily diet of Jesus Christ

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. Israeli archaeologists have discovered in Jerusalem a landfill of food waste, Dating from the first century of our era, the discovery helped them to figure out what daily fed on Jesus Christ and his contemporaries, writes The Jerusalem Post.

Jerusalem was repeatedly visited by Jesus Christ. In this town was the last week of his life, including the famous last supper with his disciples.

Scientists for several years conducted excavations near the ancient city of David in the place where the first century ad the Romans had organized the dump. The work was carried out at 800 meters from the Temple mount.

“Basically we found there is food waste, including more than 12 thousand animal bones. We were able to determine the identity of the five thousand”, — said a senior teacher of the Institute of archaeology of tel Aviv University Dr. Yuval Gadot.

An exhaustive analysis of the remains has allowed scientists to understand that the Jews are very strictly adhered to kosher food. So, archaeologists found the remains of shellfish and pigs. About 80% of the bones belong to the chickens, goats and sheep.

“We were very surprised that did not find the pigeons. Although it is known that they were sacrificed (this is mentioned in the gospel — ed.). The city has formed a whole industry on breeding pigeons,” — said the archaeologist.

In addition, contrary to popular belief, the ancient Jews rarely ate beef and poultry. In addition to meat, they ate a lot of plant foods, especially figs.

Found the remains has allowed scientists to claim that the inhabitants of Jerusalem were “middle class.” In particular, they did not destroy some of the bones, using them in everyday life.