Anna Kuznetsova: there can be differences in matters of saving children

Anna Kuznetsova: there can be differences in matters of saving children

The children’s Ombudsman spoke about the search for the missing child and the work, which was conducted by rescue workers, volunteers and ordinary citizens.

The story of Victor Melekhov and “Russian Hachiko” — his faithful dog Arrow, who three days wandering the forests of Kursk, took place on the eve of the International day of protection of children. A story with a happy ending, which was made possible thanks to thousands of caring people connected to searches. Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova tells how one boy joined thousands of adults.

— Anna, tell us how you received information about the disappearance of a boy in Kursk, and why in this case you pay special attention to?

— Cases of missing children, unfortunately, are not rare. Of course, we follow the appearance of such messages, they come to us in a completely different channels, including through the media. Not just fix, and track. If after a period of time there are no reports that the child was found, you need to sound the alarm. Otherwise it will be too late as it is, unfortunately, at the end of April occurred in the Yaroslavl region, where due to the negligence of operational services the search for the missing boy began too late. It can be found, but did not. It’s very sad.

In Kursk, the situation was complicated by the fact that Victor Melekhov leaves home for the first time. When the boy was three years old, he alone went after the grandfather “pass the milk” — the family lives in a largely local economy. Then he found the driver of the milk truck.

This time Victor, and he the 31st of August, seven turns, went for a walk with the dogs and, apparently, lost. From the evening of 23 may and throughout the night it was looking for mom, aunt, grandma and grandpa. The next morning, when I realized that it can’t do it alone, went to the police. The head of the village Council is also connected, the information came in the media and came to us.

In the situation of missing children we are “always on”: and with law enforcement and with the Investigation Committee. Be sure to plug the regional commissioners of social organization. It happened at this time. Requested information, said, what need help, tried to engage the largest possible number of people. The Kursk’s Ombudsman Alexander Kolegaeva was our eyes, ears, mouth and hands.

In search of was attended by all: Regardie, emergencies Ministry and volunteers “Lisa Allert,” and the head of the municipality personally went on a quest and, of course, ordinary citizens. The search was conducted by joint efforts of four nearby districts that is impressive and even inspiring how much we have caring people who can unite for the sake of a completely understandable goal. Because there can be differences in how to search for the child or not to seek to save him or not save.

Only about a thousand people were involved in the search, we have them in the office of the Commissioner-called “milehouse”, by the name of the child. The search took three days. Of course, it was very disturbed — we all understood that we are talking about saving lives. 26 may at 14:10 Vitya found. Alive, with his dog Arrow. One dog returned home safely, and the Arrow stayed with him. All the time was close, guarded, warmed. A faithful dog has turned out — so, you know, “Russian Hachiko”.

— Who found the child?

Sergei Makeev, a member of Regardie. For his gratitude, I hope that happens to say “thank you” in person. But here we need to thank all the “Melehova” because everyone in this story was invested both time and strength, and soul. That’s about one film, then remove it!

— What is happening with Victor and how he feels?

— At first the information was contradictory. After Victor was found, we contacted the Ministry of health, was asked to provide the maximum assistance. Within the hour the child was sent to the Central district hospital was inspected. Many frightened that Victor was placed in intensive care, but it was more reassurance, ensuring absolute attention.

Critical his condition was not, despite the fact that three days with a dog it is not clear what he ate and I drank. Of concern is found on the body of ticks, according to him, we are now waiting for the test results. And, of course, everyone was worried about the mental state — the circumstances of the disappearance of the child was specified.

Today the Victor was transferred to the Department of therapy, he was weight gained three kilograms.

— That is, to Moscow to get him no need?

— There were such proposals, including from the Investigative Committee. But again, the need for additional medical care there. Now with Victor, a psychologist here, if you find any behavioral, psychological difficulties may need specialist advice.

Separately consider the possibility of health recovery. Today at a meeting of a working group of the Public Council under the Commissioner I have addressed with the request to Elena Baibarina, the Director of the Department of medical assistance to children, the Federal Ministry of health. Want to see Victor after what happened with mom somewhere to rest. Have some time alone. This is very important.

— Anna Y., but somehow the questions about why the boy left home, still have…

— Of course it is completely natural. But this is a rural family, it can not be called prosperous. And even more so to blame something. Again, and mom, she’s 26 years old, a girl with a beautiful name Ariadne, and grandparents, and aunt (she is, however, itself only nine years old) first rushed to search for the boy.

In “peaceful” life they lead a large farm, Granny teacher works in the school. The fact that the boy did not go to kindergarten, the decision of the family, she has that right, although I as a mother still, it is obvious that children adapt more easily to school, if children attend the kindergarten. Do I need to give the Vita more attention? Of course, but I’m sure the relatives of the boy these conclusions for themselves will make. We have no reason to doubt otherwise.

Like any child, Viti has its own peculiarities. I will not talk about them in detail, because in principle I find it unacceptable to put children’s lives on public display. But I think he’ll be fine, at least the kid grows hardy, persistent. You just think for a moment — seven-year-old boy was able to survive three days in the woods! Incidentally, we are now thinking about how to present the Victor to be awarded the honorary title “warm heart” — for courage. And, of course, Sergey Makeev worthy of an award.

— What about the shooter?

— Do not forget about the Arrow, while the rewards for the animals in our country are not provided. But, I think, and so it may well be a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

— Anna Y., history of Viti Melekhova — what is she to you?

— All these stories — that there are no other children. And we need to remember that not only on the eve of International children’s day, but every day. Well, we began to pay more attention to these stories, well, that becomes more of here “Melehova”. It is bad when children’s problems of trying to derive political benefits. This also happens here, we need not allow themselves to be manipulated and our love and care for the children. But a parent’s heart will always tell you the truth.

Interviewed By George Captain