Lunar NASA got hit by meteor “attack”

Lunar NASA got hit by meteor “attack” The size of the meteorite, caught in the apparatus, was 0.8 mm, and its speed is 7 kilometers per second, said scientists. WASHINGTON, may 28. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. Lunar Orbiter NASA (LRO) during shooting, the surface of the satellite was hit by a meteor “attack”. As was reported at the end of the week, aerospace control, in case LRO hit the small fragment. The unit itself was still intact, all systems functioning normally. The incident could have gone unnoticed if at this point, LRO did not survey NASA found that some of the images have the effect of “trembling camera”. “This meteoroid was flying faster than a speeding bullet. LRO departed not from it, he stood hit”, — reads the statement of Mark Robinson, head of the program. The incident occurred on October 13, 2014, but NASA decided to report it only

In China started to work the largest satellite navigation system

In China started to work the largest satellite navigation system BEIJING, may 28 — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. China launched its largest satellite system navigation and positioning, which should provide a more detailed definition of location, reports channel CGTN with reference to the Deputy head of State administration of surveying and mapping of China (NASG) of Vasana. According to NASG, the new system consists of 2700 base stations satellite navigation, one national and 30 provincial centers, and data transmission. The authorities hope not only to provide the most comprehensive navigation service for individual users, but also greatly improve the organization and regulation of road traffic in settlements, especially in major cities.

The media learned about the death of the Kursk Deputy in crash Hammer in the Rostov region

The Deputy of the Representative Assembly of the Kursk district, Kursk region Andrey Gold, along with his wife in a fire in his Hammer after an accident in the Rostov region. About it reports the edition “Notepad – Rostov-na-Donu”. The accident occurred in the afternoon, may 27, at 841 kilometer of the highway M-4 “don” in Millerovskiy district of Rostov region. As the portal with reference to the press service GU MVD in the Rostov region, the driver of the Hummer H2 has not sustained a safe distance and collided with KAMAZ. From hitting the SUV caught fire. “As a result of the accident, 39-year-old driver and a female passenger died on the spot, three more passengers: a 62-year-old woman and boys 2 and 7 years with injuries taken to hospital. The driver of the truck was not injured”, — stated in the message. Andrew Gold became a member

Each of the Manchester terrorist said about the radical group in the city

The executor of the terrorist attack in Manchester Salman Abedi, was under the influence of radical groups operating in the city. Such opinion in interview to TV channel Sky News expressed his childhood friend, rapper under the pseudonym of Giko. “There is a group in Manchester, which all brainwashed”, he said. Giko also said that Salman was usually a friendly guy, but lately has become much more religious. The attack on the stadium “Manchester arena” on the evening of may 22, killed 22 people, injured about 120, 59 of them were taken to medical facilities. Banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the bombing and called the attack revenge for the attack on “Muslim lands”. May 24, the media published the photo of an alleged jihadist was reported about the arrest of three suspects in the case. May 25, police reported the arrest of three more alleged

The Pentagon announced about the readiness of the trump to discuss climate deal

The President of the United States Donald trump is open to different opinions about the country’s participation in the Paris climate agreement. This was announced by the Minister of defence James Mattis, reports CBS News. “Of course, the discussion of our policy on this issue continues. I attended some discussions in Brussels, which raised the topic of climate change, and the President was open to debate. He wondered why other countries take the position,” — said the head of the Pentagon. Earlier on 28 may, the media reported that trump told the Trustees that made the decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement. On 27 may, the head of state wrote in his Twitter that will make a final decision next week. The US withdrawal from the climate agreement, committing to reduce or stabilize greenhouse gas emissions, was one of the campaign promises trump. According to the

Vasilyev called crazy credits for a graduation

Olga Vasilyeva The Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva, the radio station “Moscow speaking” said that overly lush prom, for which parents have to take loans, is insane and unacceptable practice with which the Agency will mercilessly fight. Vasiliev also suggested not to turn the celebration of the last call in banquets, reminiscent of the wedding. In her opinion, sufficient to limit a solemn ruler. According to the Minister, this year each school will decide for itself the question of how to spend the last call, but most of the schools intend to do so “very modest”. The first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on education Oleg Smolin, in turn, noted that the discharge should not turn into vanity fair, but all depends on the capabilities of the parents. “If in the class the vast majority of people affluent and want some sort of special celebration — it

Six cars with oil derailed in the Saratov region

In the village of Zaton near the town of Balakovo in the Saratov region derailed six cars with vegetable oil, and three of them overturned. On Sunday, may 28, according to the regional emergency Department. The dead and injured there, threat for the population is not specified in the regional Chapter. The incident did not affect the movement of trains. In addition, on the night of 28 may, four tanks with fuel oil derailed at the station of DNO, in the Pskov region. As have informed in a press-service of the October railway, as a result of incident nobody has suffered, threat to environmental security is missing.

Putin congratulated border guards with their professional holiday

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated with the Day of frontier guard troops, civilian staff and veterans of the Border service of the FSB. On Sunday, may 28, reported the press service of the Kremlin. “Today we honor those who protects the state border of Russia, protects the native land of the enemy, who reveres the military, Patriotic traditions of many generations of their predecessors,” reads the telegram of the head of state. Putin thanked the guards for flawless completion of tasks. Border guards day is celebrated annually on may 28. The holiday was established by presidential decree of may 23, 1994 “in order to revive the historical traditions of Russia and its border forces.”

China condemned the position of the G7 leaders on the disputed territories

China condemned the position of the G7 leaders on the disputed territories China has condemned a communiqué adopted at the end of the G7 summit, reports the Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the representative of the Chinese foreign Minister Lou Kahn. In the document particularly reads about the disputed territories in the East China and South China seas. Beijing interpreted this as interference in its Affairs. Lou Kahn said that China’s position on the issues of the East China and South China seas is clear and consistent. He called on the G7 and other countries not to take a position in the relevant disputes, and to fully respect the efforts of the countries of the region in their resolve to stop making irresponsible remarks. The communiqué says that the leaders of the countries “the seven” on the basis of international law undertake to maintain order in the region and promote

Japan said about preparing its own sanctions on the DPRK

Japan said about preparing its own sanctions on the DPRK The Japanese government is preparing a package of its own sanctions against North Korea after Pyongyang’s launch of ballistic missiles, reports the NHK. According to the broadcaster, Japan intends to convince the UN security Council to adopt new sanctions against North Korea, so she is waiting for support from Russia and China. While in Tokyo noted that Russia and China, unlike the United States, take the position of diplomatic dialogue. That is why Japan started to consider introducing its own sanctions against North Korea. The DPRK may 21, made the launch of another ballistic missile medium-range Pukguksong 2. She flew about 500 km and fell into the sea of Japan. DPRK authorities have acknowledged the successful launch. As reported by the North Korean Agency KCNA, the launch was headed personally by the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. The UN