WikiLeaks has published the next part of the confidential CIA documents

WikiLeaks has published the next part of the confidential CIA documents MOSCOW, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. WikiLeaks has published a new part of a package of secret documents called Vault 7 belonging to the Central intelligence Agency (CIA). The previous part indicated as the “Weeping angel”, was released on April 21. The website reports that the new publication contains documentation and source code for a project of the CIA, is designated as “Writing” (Scribbles). According to the website, the project represents a system of pre-processing, which embeds the objects to track user interactions within the documents which can be stolen by foreign intelligence agents. It is reported that the CIA project designed for offline processing of Microsoft Office documents. Published CIA documents dated March 1, 2016 and classified until 2066. WikiLeaks has published the first part of a package of documents of the CIA on March 7, it was

The UN special Rapporteur assessed the damage countries from sanctions against Russia

The UN special Rapporteur assessed the damage countries from sanctions against Russia Moscow. April 28. INTERFAX.RU — Financial losses of the countries that imposed anti-Russian sanctions, is approximately two times higher than Russia’s losses from these measures. Such data was presented by the UN special Rapporteur on the question of negative effects of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights Idriss jazaïry. “The loss of the countries that have imposed sanctions amount to more than $ 100 billion. If we add to this the losses suffered by Russia as a result of sanctions, a very approximate estimation, which can be applied, is that Russia has lost 1% of GDP,” said Jazairi at a press conference at Central office “Interfax”. “When calculating the total losses of the Russian Federation is estimated at 52-55 billion. We can say that this is the price you had to pay for the Ukrainian

The United States recognized the failure of 20 years of efforts to curb North Korea’s nuclear programme

The international community’s efforts to curb the nuclear program of North Korea failed. This was announced by the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson at the meeting of the UN Security Council, his words TASS reports. According to him, the US considers it necessary to strengthen the financial isolation of Pyongyang, to impose new sanctions and tighten existing restrictions. “In light of recent actions by North Korea normal relations with her is impossible”, — said the head of the state Department. Earlier on 28 April about the possibility of a serious conflict with the DPRK, said the President of the United States Donald trump. “We would have solved all through diplomacy, but it is extremely difficult,” — said the American leader. North Korea has declared that in case of aggression against it will carry out a pre-emptive strike. Later sources reported that Washington currently does not intend to use military force against

Former Vice-mayor of Shanghai received 17 years for bribery

Ay Bazzoni The court of the Chinese city Zhangzhou recognized the former head of the company Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the Vice mayor of Shanghai AI Baczyna guilty of accepting bribes. About it reports The South China Morning Post. As has established a consequence, from 2000 to 2014, ay received a total of nearly six million dollars in bribes. According to the court all the money confiscated and the businessman and the officer sentenced to 17 years in prison. Such a relatively lenient sentence (as a rule, corrupt officials face death or life imprisonment) is due to the fact that he actively cooperated with the investigation, admitted his guilt and repented. In addition, it was found that the number of large sums were received by the relatives of the Traveler without his knowledge. Ay Bazzoni was expelled from the party and removed from all his posts in

The President of Austria called on all women to cover their heads in order to fight Islamophobia

Alexander van der Bellen The President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen called on all women to wear headscarves in the name of combating Islamophobia. About it reports The Independent. “Not only Muslim women — all women can wear the headscarf, and if the real and unbridled Islamophobia continues, then the day will come when we will have to ask all women to wear head scarves — all of’ em! as a sign of solidarity with those who do it for religious reasons,” predicted the President at the meeting with the students of a school. “Of course, every woman has the right to dress as she likes, it’s just my opinion on this issue,” there is reservation van der Bellen. Informed the Austrian President has repeatedly stated that it opposes any restrictions on the wearing of clothes. As an exception he cited the example of the court, where, in his

The drunk inhabitant of Leningrad region sicced the dog on paramedic

A resident of the Leningrad region set the dog on came to him to call a paramedic. This was reported on the website of the regional investigative Department of the investigative Committee. The incident occurred on Thursday, April 27, in the house in Romanovka village in Vsevolozhsk district. The paramedic arrived on call in one of the apartments, where they found a married couple in a state of alcoholic intoxication. “In the course of providing the woman a medical care room of the apartment and was present while the man ordered his dog to attack the healthcare worker resulting in diagnosed victim bitten wound of the right hand”, — stated in the message of management. As noted by the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf, “on the same day, in hot pursuit of the police traffic services on suspicion in Commission of this crime

The state Duma will explain the laws in “Vkontakte”

The blogosphere is the most urgent tool to communicate to citizens information on the activities of the state Duma. This view was expressed by the Chairman of the state Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin, reports TASS on Friday, April 28. Commenting on the launch of the official account of the state Duma in social networks, the MP stressed that the lower house of Parliament is open to the public on national representation. “Naturally, this approach and direct dialogue with the voter. Where is the most active and open dialogue? In social networks,” explained Levin. According to him, the content in each network will be different: Instagram — the Parliament of the people, in Facebook — the opinions of experts, and the social network “Vkontakte” — explanations of laws. To implement the idea to the Department, created in the structure of the Duma management public

The relics of St. Nicholas for the first time in 930 years be delivered to Russia

The relics of St. Nicholas for the first time in 930 years be delivered to Russia from the papal Basilica in the Italian Bari. About this informed the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan Hilarion, reports TASS. “This event is the first time in the history of the stay of the Holy relics of St. Nicholas in Bari. They never left this city. Relics are under wraps, that is, they are entombed under the ground. However, especially for this event, part of the relics were recovered from under the bushel, and it will be delivered to Moscow”, — he said. The relics will be in Russia from may 21 to July 28. In Moscow, they will be stored in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, in July, they will transfer to one of the Central churches of St. Petersburg. REN TV recalls that

Geologists: depletion of mineral resources is a myth

Geologists: depletion of mineral resources is a myth An international group of researchers tried to prove that the mineral natural resources (such as copper or zinc) would be enough to cover the needs of a growing population and industry. They talked about it in the journal Geochemical Perspectives. Many researchers claim that the mineral reserves are limited and can be exhausted in the coming decades if the rate of production is not reduced. However, the authors of the study concluded that even with the growing needs of humanity reserves will last for another few centuries. According to the authors, the problem with minerals is possible in the future, but they will not be associated with depletion and economic, environmental or social problems or social pressure. Explaining such differences in the findings, the researchers urged not to confuse mineral reserves that are in the earth’s crust, with those who explored and

Members of the British airlines handcuffed a cancer patient passenger

Members of the British airlines handcuffed a cancer patient passenger Employees of British Airways applied force to the passenger, cancer and diabetes, and removed him from the flight. About this newspaper the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Wednesday, April 26, during a flight from London to the capital of Jamaica Kingston. After about an hour after take-off 65-year-old Kwame Bantu (Bantu Kwame) felt dizzy and his legs began to swell. Then the man tried to move from economy class to business where his feet would be more comfortable, as the seats there are larger. However, the man was approached by several stewards, who tied his hands and feet with belts and handcuffed. Then the Bantu seated in his former place. In addition, the traveler refused to take him to the toilet. The plane made an unplanned landing on the Portuguese island of Terceira in the