Members of the British airlines handcuffed a cancer patient passenger

Members of the British airlines handcuffed a cancer patient passenger

Employees of British Airways applied force to the passenger, cancer and diabetes, and removed him from the flight. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

According to the newspaper, the incident occurred on Wednesday, April 26, during a flight from London to the capital of Jamaica Kingston. After about an hour after take-off 65-year-old Kwame Bantu (Bantu Kwame) felt dizzy and his legs began to swell.

Then the man tried to move from economy class to business where his feet would be more comfortable, as the seats there are larger. However, the man was approached by several stewards, who tied his hands and feet with belts and handcuffed.

Then the Bantu seated in his former place. In addition, the traveler refused to take him to the toilet.

The plane made an unplanned landing on the Portuguese island of Terceira in the Atlantic ocean. There Bantu transferred to local authorities.

In addition, the passenger flight took his fellow traveler’s joy Stoney (Stoney Joy), who tried to intercede for man. Police on Terceira island and interviewed them, but delay is not. Currently, the pair is on the Portuguese island.

After Downing the airliner returned to London. Representatives of British Airways confirmed the incident. According to the airline, without the permission of the Bantu moved to a seat in business class, refused to return to her seat and insulted the servants of the carrier.

Earlier in April, passengers American airlines United Airlines was removed from the flight at the Chicago airport by force. As a result, the David Tao received a concussion, which led to the scandal. In the end, the carrier entered into a settlement agreement with the victim.