Tillerson called the General goal of the United States and China

Tillerson called the General goal of the United States and China WASHINGTON, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that China shares the U.S. goal of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. “We are not seeking regime change (North Korea — ed.)… We do not seek its collapse. We are not looking for a pretext to accelerate the reunification of (North Korea and South Korea — ed.). We get what and China, he says, — the full denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” said Tillerson, in an interview with Fox News channel. The US considers China a key country for the solution of the DPRK nuclear issue In early April, took place the visit of President XI Jinping in the United States, where he spent his talks with President Donald trump. The situation around North Korea escalated on the background of large-scale military exercises the U.S. and

In the United States believe “the isolation of Russia in the UN” one of the merits of trump for the first 100 days

In the United States believe “the isolation of Russia in the UN” one of the merits of trump for the first 100 days WASHINGTON, 28 APR — RIA Novosti. The U.S. administration believes one merit of President Donald trump’s first 100 days in power in foreign policy, “the isolation of Russia in the UN”. “Further isolate Syria and Russia in the UN by successful diplomacy with Chinese President XI Jinping,” — said the press service of the White house about the main merits of trump as President. The report does not specify what is meant by “isolation in the UN,” but informed the White house in the same expressions, commented on the vote in the UN security Council on 12 March, on the draft resolution, which was passed by the UK, France and the United States. The document invited the Secretary-General to help the United Nations to investigate alleged incidents

In the Turkish Museum told me about found on a construction site, the remains of a Russian officer

Continued: In Russia there was a descendant buried in Turkey of a Russian officer A man in uniform, whose remains found at a construction site in the East of Turkey, was the Russian captain, not a General. It is reported Nejiten Alp, Director of the historical Museum of the province of Kars, reports on Thursday, April 27, the Agency “Anadolu”. According to him, the preliminary analysis has allowed to establish that the officer who supposedly served in the territory of Kars and Ardahan and died during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-1878. His title of captain of the garrison — point to three stars and the number 20 on the form, noted the Alp. The Museum Director also said that the remains of the soldier were discovered in an underground crypt in the quarter karagel in the North of the city of Ardahan. The builders found them when digging for a

Paramedic in Germany was fired for patient pririsoval mustache Hitler

German paramedic was fired after he drew the patient in a coma, a mustache like Adolf Hitler. On Thursday, April 27, reports the Daily Mail. The incident occurred in December last year, but became aware of it only now. According to the newspaper, the medic, Thomas Wagner (Thomas Wagner) blue ballpoint pen pririsoval mustache man, hospitalized with drug overdose. After he sent photos to colleagues in group chat in WhatsApp with the caption “Victim number one. Today: fashion beard”. “Oh, how peacefully he sleeps,” commented one of the friends of Wagner. In addition, the paramedic loaded the chat in the video, which communicates disrespectful and makes fun of the patient lying across the stretcher in the ambulance. A few days later the man wrote to colleagues that have done wrong and what you must not do so, and later asked to remove submitted materials. Information about the incident reached the

Planning to attack German soldiers pretended to be Syrian refugees

In Bavaria, on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack detained soldiers of the Bundeswehr, posing as a Syrian refugee. On Thursday, April 27, reports Die Welt. In January of this year, 28-year-old soldier hid the gun in the toilet of the airport of Vienna. The weapon was found by the staff of local law enforcement. They set up surveillance, waiting for him to come. The soldier returned after a month. Austrian police detained a man and setting his personality, gave information to German colleagues. The military released. In Germany, found that in 2015 the man, who called himself a Syrian migrant, appealed to the migration authorities of Bavaria with a petition to grant him asylum. He hid that he has a German citizenship, and finally his request was granted. He is said to have provided shelter and has appointed a welfare. As noted by Die Zeit, the interview did not

The right to citizenship offered to leave the President and the interior Ministry

Alexey Zhuravlev The Deputy of the state Duma, the leader of the party “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev has drafted a bill, depriving the diplomatic missions and consular posts the right to grant Russian citizenship. It is reported RIA Novosti on Thursday, April 27. In the parliamentary database of the legislative activities of the document is not yet registered. “We allow consulates and embassies to collect statements on citizenship, but check and give a final decision on the granting of citizenship only, the Ministry of internal Affairs”, — explained his initiative Zhuravlev, adding that such a right also reserved by the head of state. The MP proposes to maintain the diplomatic missions have the right to deprive of citizenship. In the explanatory note to the document, which is available to the Agency, it is noted that the proposed amendments are not contrary to the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union and other

The authorities of Novosibirsk have agreed on “Monstration”

In Novosibirsk agreed to hold a may 1 comic absurdist procession of the Ukrainian side, informs “Interfax” with reference to the promoter of the artist Artem Loskutov. Loskutov noted that similar events in parallel with Novosibirsk will take place in 14 cities — from Khabarovsk to Prague. In particular, in Ukraine, the March will take place in Odessa, in Estonia — in Tartu. According to the artist, in a number of cities have problems with the coordination of the event. “In Yaroslavl the Center “e” yesterday caused organisers for the portrait of the astronaut [Valentina] Tereshkova on the bill Yaroslavl “Demonstrations”, the prosecution is also some complaints speak”, — has told rags. In Ekaterinburg the action may be postponed on 6 may due to the fact that the municipality is deprived of authority to reconcile the March. Volgograd vs “Demonstrations” made by the trade unions, whose leaders felt that the

Rosobrnadzor has estimated the incompetent teachers of Russian and mathematics

Every tenth Russian school teacher of Russian language and mathematics is not familiar enough with your subject. This was stated by the head of Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov, reports RIA Novosti. “Our research showed that more than 11 percent of teachers have problems with the Russian language, mathematics. It is only those studies that we conducted for teachers of the Russian language and mathematics”, — he said. The Minister added that the graduates of teacher training colleges often do not possess not only relevant, but also other items. “Hence many of the problems of teaching”, he concluded. Earlier in April the Minister of education Olga Vasilieva teachers listed in the list of the most desired country specialties. “In the last three years there is a growing need for graduates of science, engineering, educational, medical areas,” she said.