Geologists: depletion of mineral resources is a myth

Geologists: depletion of mineral resources is a myth

An international group of researchers tried to prove that the mineral natural resources (such as copper or zinc) would be enough to cover the needs of a growing population and industry.

They talked about it in the journal Geochemical Perspectives.

Many researchers claim that the mineral reserves are limited and can be exhausted in the coming decades if the rate of production is not reduced. However, the authors of the study concluded that even with the growing needs of humanity reserves will last for another few centuries.

According to the authors, the problem with minerals is possible in the future, but they will not be associated with depletion and economic, environmental or social problems or social pressure.

Explaining such differences in the findings, the researchers urged not to confuse mineral reserves that are in the earth’s crust, with those who explored and evaluated economically. Many studies are concerned it is the latter, and they make up a small part of the total number of resources.

Exploration and evaluation of deposits require investment, and the company often stop, finding enough resources for production in the coming decades, further research for them is excessive spending.

Thus, proven reserves in most deposits, and is restricted to 20-40 years. In these calculations don’t fall deposits of ores of lower quality, and a huge proportion of still unexplored reserves. In most cases, exploration for deposits at a depth up to 300 m, although modern technology allows extraction to a depth of two to three thousand meters.