In Spain arrested suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack in Brussels

Spanish police arrested in Barcelona nine people, four of whom may be involved in terrorist attacks in Brussels committed in March 2016. It is reported by El Mundo.

Initially, the members of the group came into the view of law enforcement due to suspicion of illegal transportation of drugs. In the course of rapid development it became clear that some members of the gang can be related to last year’s attack in the Belgian capital.

The surveillance lasted for eight months. For reasons of secrecy, and other details to the law enforcement bodies do not disclose.

A series of terrorist attacks in Brussels was made on 22 March 2016. Was attacked Zaventem airport and the metro station “Maalbeek”. The victims were 35 people, more than 300 were injured.

According to investigators, the metro explosive device detonated Khalid Batrawi, and the airport — his brother Ibrahim along with Ashrawi Najim, who was wanted in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Responsibility for the attacks was assumed by the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.