Netanyahu canceled a meeting with German foreign Minister because of his contacts with the opposition

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a meeting with foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, who is visiting the region. It is reported by Bild.

According to the publication, this decision is scandalous. German-Israeli relations are at their lowest level in recent years. In many ways, this cooling is due to the fact that Berlin condemned the decision of the tel Aviv about the ongoing construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to the Jerusalem Post on the eve, April 24, the German representatives were charged with the actual ultimatum: either they refuse to meet with opposition non-profit organizations (NPOs), and then talks with Netanyahu will be held or cancelled the interview with the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Jewish state.

In the end, the head of German diplomacy held a meeting with activists of the NGO “breaking the silence” that collect and disseminate information about violations and crimes committed by soldiers of the Israel defense forces (IDF) against Palestinians.

Gabriel is known for his Pro-Palestinian position: in 2012, he called Israel “a country with an apartheid regime”.