The President of the Philippines called trump’s “realistic and pragmatic thinker”

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said he believes his American counterpart Donald trump’s “realistic and pragmatic thinker.” On Monday, April 17, according to the Philippine Star.

“Trump solid, even when it’s not it seems. As I do, not as bright, but very conscious,” said Duterte. According to him, if he was smart, he would not be a billionaire.

Also Duterte, speaking in Doha before the representatives of the Filipino Diaspora Qatar, remembered his call to the head of USA after the victory in the election race. Then trump wished the leader of the Philippines, good luck in the fight against drug trafficking.

At the same time, trump invited Duterte to visit new York and apply an official visit to the White house. The President of the Philippines, in turn, invited an American colleague to the summit of the Association of South-East Asia, held in Manila in 2017.

Later Duterte parodied trump, colorful, but swearing telling about their phone conversation.

The President of the Philippines is known for the sharp statements to the USA and left the White house, Barack Obama. In particular, he called the American leader “son of a whore” and said that “it’s time to say goodbye to the United States.” Later, however, Duterte said that Manila could not sever diplomatic ties with Washington. Furthermore, Philippine leader was sent to hell Obama and the European Union over criticism of campaign against drug trafficking. He also called them a fool of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon and insulted the U.S. Ambassador in Manila.