A suicide bomber blew himself up at a bus with refugees in the suburbs of Aleppo

Lipoproteina: the Number of victims of terrorist attack in Aleppo has increased to 70

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a car in the suburbs of Aleppo district of Rashidin, RIA Novosti reported on Saturday, April 15.

“In Rashidin at the gas station where there are buses with inhabitants of Foix and Kefraya, blew himself suicide bomber on the car. There are dead and wounded,” — said the source Agency in Aleppo.

Referring to the Syrian state channel “al-Ihbariya”, RIA Novosti reports about the deaths of more than 20 people, about 50 were injured.

The explosion occurred near a convoy of vehicles which brought evacuees from the besieged militants of the Shiite villages of El-Fua and Kepra (Idlib). The column of buses stopped in Residene on the way to a temporary accommodation centre for refugees in Jibreen. After the explosion of buses with evacuees remain blocked in the district of Rashidin, which is controlled by militants.

The evacuation of the inhabitants of El-Fua and Kefraya is carried out in accordance with the agreement on local reconciliation between the government army and the armed opposition. In parallel, the militants “dzhebhat an-Nusra” are derived from the mountain resorts of Madai and Zabadani near Damascus.