The creators of “Star wars” denied the occurrence of Fisher in the role of Leah in the ninth part

Carrie Fisher

In the ninth episode of the franchise “Star wars” will not be staff with the late actress Carrie Fisher. This was stated by the head of the film Studio Lucasfilms Katie Kennedy, reports NME.

“We have finished working on the eighth part, and Carrie is wonderfully played in the movie a role,” said Kennedy. She emphasized that the producers still no script for the ninth episode.

APR 10, brother of actress Todd Fischer said that he gave permission to use the image of the sisters in the ninth episode of “Star wars”. He added that he did not know, in what context, Fisher will appear in the film.

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In January, representatives of Lucasfilm assured me that he will use in the continuation of the epic digital Princess Leia buns.

Fisher died in December 2016 at the age of 60 years. A few months before that ended with the shooting of the film “Star wars. Episode VIII: the Last Jedi” with her. The picture will appear on screens in December. 14 April released the first trailer of the film.