At St. Petersburg high-rise building explosion

Continued: “the Explosion” in a residential building of St. Petersburg explained the swollen foam

In a 16-storey residential building on the Avenue of Solidarity in St. Petersburg, an explosion occurred. As a result of the building pulled out a piece of veneer walls, reports from the scene correspondent channel “Star”.

The cause of the explosion was not specified.

“Fontanka” with reference to eyewitnesses wrote that there were two cotton. The fallen debris had damaged standing near the building of the car.

At the same time, the head of the Nevsky district Konstantin Serov, said “Fontanka” that the explosions were not at home. Such assumptions are not confirmed in the MOE, reports “Interfax”. Reviews of smoke that are visible in the pictures, the authorities did not give.

Residents were evacuated, reports RIA Novosti. According to emergency services, no injuries.

On the morning of 6 April in a house on Friendly Avenue St. Petersburg was found and defused an explosive device. According to locals, around five in the morning the people heard the noise of breaking a door on the eighth floor. Residents say that law enforcement officers initially broke down the door to the apartment which was removed to the newcomers from Central Asia.