The deadly blows of the Scorpions captured on video

The deadly blows of the Scorpions captured on video

The Portuguese researchers used a camera with a frequency of 500 frames per second to trace the movement of the stings of several species of Scorpions. About their work they reported in the journal Functional Ecology.

To study the movement of animals, they were placed on a platform surrounded by mirrors. Biologists have provoked Scorpions, touching their claws with a piece of wire and shot the attack on video with a frequency of 500 frames per second. Observations were conducted from different angles, and based on them, scientists have modeled the movement in 3D. It turned out that the tail of each species of Scorpions moves on specific to it path.

The scientists noted the trajectory, its length, speed and acceleration of the animal sting, the duration of the strike. Based on these data, they identified two strategies. The first outdoor shot — more rapid and wide movement. It is more advantageous, as it increases the chances to hurt production. When closed, the blow tip describes a lower arc, however, in this case Scorpio is quicker to prepare for the next shot.

One of the biologists studied species were yellow scopion, poison is dangerous for humans. The tip of his tail can move at a speed of 130 cm/s. the Other “participant” was an Emperor Scorpion, reaching a length of 20 cm.