The winner of the Prize Turing was the inventor of the Internet

The winner of the Prize Turing was the inventor of the Internet

The Association for computing machinery (ACM) has named the winner of the Turing Award 2016 Tim Berners-Lee, who is known as one of the inventors of the Internet in its present form.

This was reported on the ACM website.

Timothy John Berners-Lee, the British scientist, Professor at mit and Oxford University. Tim Berners-Lee along with Robert Cayo known as the inventors of the Internet. In 1989 while working at CERN over the internal system of exchange of documents Enquire, Berners-Lee proposed a global hypertext project, now known as the world wide web Tim Berners-Lee created the URL, HTTP, HTML key technologies that created the Internet in its present form.

The formal awarding will take place on the evening of 24 June 2017 in San Francisco, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Turing Award. Scientist was awarded the Prize “for the invention of the world wide web, the first web browser and key protocols and algorithms that influenced the development of the Internet,” reads the statement by ACM.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the world wide web, wins ‘computing”s Nobel Prize’

— TechCrunch (@TechCrunch) 4 APR 2017

The Turing award is the main award in the field of Informatics, which is awarded each year to one or more scientists. The amount of the cash prize is a million dollars, and the sponsor of the Award is Google. The first time the Turing Award was awarded to Alan J. Perlis in 1966 “for influence in the area of generalized programming techniques and compiler construction”.

Nikolai Vorontsov