The Fes recalled, the Russians will rest in may

The Fes recalled, the Russians will rest in may

Fes has reminded the Russians how they will break this year for may holidays. Working people received three days off for may day and four — Day Victory.

For the first half of the holidays falls on Saturday and Sunday, 29 and 30 April and Monday 1 may. Then follow with two calendar days off — Saturday 6 may and Sunday 7 may.

Monday, may 8, will be non-working in connection with the transfer on that date of the day from 7 January. The may 9 Victory day, which in 2017 came Tuesday, also declared a day off.

Earlier the Ministry had submitted a schedule on weekends and public holidays for 2018. In accordance with him the following year, the first half of may holidays will be longer on one day than it is now — from 29 April to 2 may. But the extra weekend of may 9 will not.