NATO spokesman ruled out a war with Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Photo: RIA Novosti The NATO representative on South Caucasus William Lahue has ruled out the possibility of war with Russia over Abkhazia and South Ossetia after Georgia’s accession to the Alliance. Such a statement he made in an interview with “Kommersant Vlast”, published on Saturday, April 1. According to Lahey, the presence of Russian military forces in Georgia will not stop the country’s accession to NATO. The Alliance recognizes the territorial integrity of the Republic, but does not intend to go into conflict with Russia. “When Georgia will receive an invitation to NATO, it will have to decide on the status of these territories. Because nobody will use the fifth paragraph in these areas,” — said the representative of NATO. Lahey stressed that the Alliance is “definitely not” to war with Russia in Abkhazia. He also recalled that the task of NATO is to protect peaceful relations. The fifth article

Abe’s declared intention to move resolutely towards a peace Treaty with Russia

Abe’s declared intention to move resolutely towards a peace Treaty with Russia The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe confirmed his intention to visit Russia and meet with President Vladimir Putin in late April. On Monday, April 3, reports TASS with reference to the Agency Kyodo. He stressed that to solve the territorial issue with Moscow will be difficult. “However, I intend to firmly and consistently move towards the conclusion of a peace Treaty with Russia, not forgetting the aspirations of the former inhabitants of the Northern Islands,” — said the head of government. March 30, the Russian foreign Ministry confirmed that Abe’s visit to Russia scheduled for late this month. According to preliminary data, the Japanese Prime Minister coming in for a meeting with Putin on April 27-28. 20 March in Tokyo talks of the foreign Ministers of Japan and Russia — Sergey Lavrov and Fumio Kishida. The parties

The CEC of Armenia: the Parliament of the country are four parties

The CEC of Armenia: the Parliament of the country are four parties YEREVAN, 3 April — RIA Novosti. Four political forces held in the Armenian Parliament on the results of processing information 1501 footage from 2009, the ruling Republican party leader from 49,32% (529,2 thousands) of votes, according to data from the website of the Central election Commission of the Republic. The opposition bloc “EFC” (Exodus) overcame the seven percent barrier only after treatment 64% of the ballots and is now gaining 7,39% (79 thousand and 250) of the votes. The block of “prosperous Armenia”, led by the richest businessmen of Armenia Gagik Tsarukyan, gaining of 27.67% (296,8 thousand) votes. The party of “Dashnaktsutyun” of 6.74% (72 thousand 298) votes. The other blocks and parties are not required to gain representation in the Parliament % of votes. Only participate in elections nine parties and blocs. To enter Parliament, parties must

WP: China wants to offer US a policy of non-interference and investment

WP: China wants to offer US a policy of non-interference and investment WASHINGTON, April 3. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. Beijing wants to suggest that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump’s policy of non-interference in the Affairs of China in the region in exchange for cooperation and investment. This was reported by the newspaper The Washington Post. The publication confirms previously published by the newspaper the New York Times information that the key role in organizing the upcoming meeting between Chinese President XI Jinping and played a trump Jared Kushner. It was in his office in Trump Tower skyscraper on 9 and 10 December last year it had contacts with the American side, the Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tanquam and a member of the state Council of China Yang Jiechi. “During the meeting, Yang Jiechi outlined the proposal. China wants to trump adopted the concept of the “new

NATO, the EU and the USA expressed his condolences in connection with the explosion in St. Petersburg

Representatives of the European Union, NATO and the United States expressed condolences in connection with the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. “The Embassy and consulates of the USA in Russia continue to monitor the situation in St. Petersburg after news of at least one explosion in the subway. Now that the government are working to assist the victims and establish the circumstances of the incident, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families,” reads a press release of the us diplomatic mission, arrived in edition “”. “Our thoughts are with the Russian people, and especially those who lost loved ones in today’s explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg. We wish a speedy recovery to the wounded,” — said in a communiqué issued by the European external action service, its content, reports “Interfax”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in turn, in the Twitter wrote that

Zakharov told about the kidnapping of a diplomat from a US-Russian stand in Vienna

Maria Zakharova The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about the American diplomat who made the stand of the Russian delegation prepared for the exhibition “great silk road”, held in Vienna. About the incident she said Monday, April 3, on his page in Facebook. According to Zakharova, themed evening was held in the Austrian capital on March 29. The Russian Embassy was prepared to participate in it stand about the tourism potential of Russia, which, according to the agreement, were to be removed the next day after the event. However, on the morning of 30 March, it became clear that the stretching is gone. “After the Russian diplomats “prompt investigation” revealed that the previous evening he was carried by two men in dark suits. One of them was identified as an American diplomat attended the reception,” said the spokesman. The organizers of the exhibition contacted the U.S.

The chief Minister of Gibraltar compared Donald Tusk with a cuckolded husband

Fabian Picardo Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, likened the President of the European Council Donald Tusk with a cuckolded husband. About it reports The Independent. “Mr. Tusk, I would like to use an analogy here [Brexit] with the divorce and filing for divorce, behaves as a husband he had cuckolded and who takes out anger on children, said Picardo. We are not going to become a victim of Brexit. We do not support and vote to remain in the EU, and to allow Spain to put pressure on us is to tear us angry”. The reason for the speech Picardo was the offer Tusk, announced on March 31. The officer advised to give Spain the right of veto on the question of trade relations between Gibraltar and the EU. In Madrid said in response that while the veto of the question, but appreciated this step Brussels. Britain, in turn,

In St.-Petersburg declared three days of mourning

In St. Petersburg from Tuesday, April 4, announced three days of mourning in connection with the explosion in the subway. The corresponding order was given by the Governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko. About this on his Twitter page said Andrei Kibito, head of press-service of administration of the Governor. — Andrey Kibitov (@Kibitov_Andrey) 03 April 2017, 15:10 Television and radio channels it is recommended to adjust the broadcasting schedule and abandon entertainment. Day 3 April in St. Petersburg subway explosion. The bomb exploded in the train, who was in the stretch between the stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”. According to the National antiterrorist Committee, killing 9 people, according to the city administration — 10. Later it became known about death of two more injured. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev instructed Minister for emergency situations Vladimir Puchkov and health Minister Veronika Skvortsova to provide victims with

The Senator found the charges of Poland on the crash of Tu-154 element of psychological warfare

Franz Klintsevich Statements of Poland about the involvement of Russian air traffic controllers for the crash of Tu-154 at Smolensk are part of a psychological war against Russia, said first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich. This is stated in the statement of the Senator, arrived in edition “” on Monday, April 3. “This is a malicious attempt to completely ruin Russo-Polish relations. Poland moved to the forefront of psychological warfare against Russia”, — said the Senator. In his opinion, the Polish side has gone too far in unsubstantiated accusations. “In fact, if you call a spade a spade, the Polish side claims that they acted at the behest of “third person”,” — said Klintsevich. Earlier on Monday the Kremlin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow did not agree with the conclusions of the Prosecutor General of Poland, which accused the Russian dispatchers

Putin revealed the plan in case of eternal sanctions against Russia

Vladimir Putin Russia will keep the counter until then while the West will not lift restrictive measures, said President Vladimir Putin. About it reports “Interfax” on Monday, April 3. “If they (sanctions — ed. “Of the”) will continue forever, we will always restrict access to our market of those goods which we produce ourselves,” he said at a media forum of the Russian popular front (onf). The head of state noted that restrictions imposed by Western countries eventually helped to develop domestic agriculture. Putin stressed that Moscow will always proceed from the following principle: “we Will do everything that is in our favor, and try not to do anything that prevents us to develop.” March 12, press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian authorities will not raise the question of easing of sanctions by the US. In late February, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged