Zakharov told about the kidnapping of a diplomat from a US-Russian stand in Vienna

Maria Zakharova

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about the American diplomat who made the stand of the Russian delegation prepared for the exhibition “great silk road”, held in Vienna. About the incident she said Monday, April 3, on his page in Facebook.

According to Zakharova, themed evening was held in the Austrian capital on March 29. The Russian Embassy was prepared to participate in it stand about the tourism potential of Russia, which, according to the agreement, were to be removed the next day after the event. However, on the morning of 30 March, it became clear that the stretching is gone.

“After the Russian diplomats “prompt investigation” revealed that the previous evening he was carried by two men in dark suits. One of them was identified as an American diplomat attended the reception,” said the spokesman.

The organizers of the exhibition contacted the U.S. Embassy in Vienna. There information to confirm or deny refused, but stand still was returned, though “without important design details”.

“Given the interest in the tourist potential of Russia American colleagues, as well as the lack of fasteners, allowing you to use the streamer on purpose and then, our Embassy has sent a stand in a gift to the U.S. Embassy with the appropriate review,” — said Zakharov, suggesting that the state Department has bred a fifth column that “in order to prevent the improvement of bilateral relations, took up our tourism potential.”