Argentina legalized marijuana for medical purposes

Argentina legalized marijuana for medical purposes

The Parliament of Argentina has allowed severely ill citizens to take marijuana. In addition, according to Reuters, now in Argentina will grow cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Officially the law is passed after it is signed by the President Mauricio Macri. The bill to legalize drug for medical purposes was proposed it his political unification Cambiemos.

According to the Associated Press, supporters of legalizing marijuana have argued for the continuation of this initiative. According to them, now the authorities should allow the families of seriously ill self-cultivation of cannabis. In accordance with the adopted bill, is that the right to cultivation of narcocontaining plants remains with the state authorities.

In early March, the government of Israel advocated the decriminalization of marijuana consumption in the country. In particular, criminal punishment for drug use is proposed to replace the monetary penalty.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted that a similar measure of the country “reveals himself for the future.”

Before that, in January, the use of marijuana for medical purposes was allowed in Germany. In accordance with the adopted by the Bundestag by law, critically ill patients can buy the drug on prescription in pharmacies.