North Carolina’s vote to repeal the law on toilets

The controversial “law on toilets”, operating in the U.S. state of North Carolina, is likely to be canceled. It is reported by Politico.

The state legislature agreed to submit the question to a vote Thursday, March 30. Sources among the members of the Assembly told the publication that little doubt in his success. According to Politico, if the law will indeed be cancelled, this will allow the state to avoid restrictive measures on the part of public organizations, especially the National collegiate athletic Association (NCAA).

On 27 March it was reported that according to the experts of law for 12 years, the state Treasury may be short of almost four billion dollars. In particular, the refusal of the NCAA to hold competitions in North Carolina would deprive the state of hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, large PayPal refused to open in the state a new branch — it would add to the state budget about of 2.66 billion dollars.

Musician Ringo Starr also canceled the concert, which was to help raise funds for the reconstruction of one of the local concert halls.

“The law on toilets” decides that people should use public toilet by gender noted in their birth certificate. Supporters of the law argue that it protects children from rapists, who under the guise of transgender people can go to the bathroom. According to rights defenders, the measure infringes on members of the LGBT community, particularly transgender people.

Transgender people, an inner sense of gender which does not coincide with the physical. Unlike transsexuals, they do not physically change his body to match the perceptions of their gender.