FEFU biotechnologists developed the “nanosecond” seaweed

FEFU biotechnologists developed the “nanosecond” seaweed

VLADIVOSTOK, 29 Mar — RIA Novosti. The scientific staff of the school of Biomedicine at far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok have developed an original recipe of “nanoscaled” with seaweed, according to the University.

As told associate Professor of the Department of food science and technology, School of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University Elena Dobrynina, “nanoscaled” is in the process of preparation: particle size of cocoa and seaweed is very small, this allows the nutrients of marine algae is better absorbed in the body.

“Thanks to the innovative technology, biologically active substances “nanoscaled” delivered into the system precisely and efficiently. That’s why we decided to give it a scientific name. At that, our chocolate has a classic taste and supplements from algae is almost not felt,” — said Dobrynin.

Head of the Department of biotechnology and functional nutrition, University Tatyana Kalenik said that among other ingredients, which can Supplement the chocolate scientists in the laboratories of the University, a variety of far Eastern wild plants and sea foods. Now experts are refining and testing a new technology to produce “nanoscaled”, is preparing a design patent.

According to the University, scientists of the School of Biomedicine, far Eastern Federal University for several years are the development of new food products based on marine hydrobionts. The University is also a participant of Russian-Japanese Kelp project, which is aimed at increasing the use of kelp in human nutrition.