Zakharov announced the winner of the competition on the best caricature “Boris Johnson was furious”


RIA Novosti

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the announcement of the postponement of the visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson in Moscow, and also announced the winner of the competition on the best caricature “Johnson was furious”.

“What are they interesting: about the visit to Moscow has not been announced, and cancel are not forgotten. Some know-how in diplomacy”, — Zakharov wrote on his page in Facebook after it became known that the visit of the foreign Minister of Britain to Russia delayed.

However, the representative of the Russian depodesta told about who won the contest for the best cartoon about Boris Johnson.

“By the way! Thank you, for reminding me of Boris Johnson! And then I forgot. Meet the winner of the competition for the best cartoon based on the publication the Daily Mail of January 28, 2017 according to which the head of the foreign service of the Kingdom “became enraged due to the fact that the official representative of Russian MFA Zakharova was sent an invitation to attend the house of Commons”. Author Roman Peshkov,” — said Zakharov.

Earlier, Maria Zakharova announced competition on the best caricature after the publication of the Daily Mail, according to which the Minister for foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson was “furious” because invitations Zakharova in the house of Commons.