Speed 10 the highways of Moscow will limit to 50 kilometers per hour

On passing through the settlements 10 suburban routes the traffic speed will be restricted with 60 to 50 kilometers per hour. This TV channel “360” on Tuesday, March 28, announced the head of Department of traffic police GU MVD of Moscow region Viktor Kuznetsov.

In particular, the change in speed limit prior to the end of 2017 will affect Egorievsk, Mozhaisk, Starosubhangulovo, Kashirskoye shosse and Volokolamskoye shosse. In pilot mode the measure will be tested on Pyatnitskoe highway. “Interfax” notes that on separate sites there will be a limit to 30 kilometers per hour.

“The main types of violations on the roads is [to] 35 percent of assaults and 45 percent of collisions” — led the statistics Kuznetsov. In his opinion, reducing the speed to 50 miles per hour will help reduce the number of such cases.

5 Dec 2016 Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the support of family, children and motherhood Public chamber of Russia Pavel Sychev made for the speed limit on the highways after an accident with 12 dead in Ugra. According to him, the causes of such tragedies are recklessness and “racing” on public roads.