Putin signed the law about the online census

Putin signed the law about the online census

MOSCOW, 28 Mar — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Federal law that allows the carrying out of national population census, using the Internet and making mandatory the microcensus, the relevant document published on the official Internet portal of legal information Tuesday.

Collecting information about the population using the Internet will be possible upon registration of citizens in the Federal state information system.

It is allowed as a self-completion questionnaire on the Internet resource, and the survey enumerators using portable computers. Selective statistical observations based on sampling at least 5% of the population (microcensus) will be held in the period between national censuses.

The document provides for the approval of the responsible for the census a Federal body of Executive power of the procedure collect information about the population in the electronic form and on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation — forms of electronic questionnaires.

It is expected that these changes will reduce the burden on citizens by giving them the right to choose the most convenient way to participate in the national census, and to improve its quality.