Wife and mother condemned the actions of the London terrorists

Mother and wife of a British terrorist Khalid Masud, staged a terrorist attack in London, condemned his actions. It is reported by The Sun. “I am saddened and shocked that made Khalid (…). I Express my condolences to the families of the victims and wish a speedy recovery to all the injured”, — leads edition of the words of the wife of Massoud — Roja Hidary. The Telegraph has published a short statement of the mother of terrorist Janet Ajao. “I’m speechless because of the actions of my son, which led to the deaths and injuries of innocent people (…). From the moment I learned that it is guilty my son, I shed many tears, mourning the victims of this terrible incident,” she said, noting that does not share the beliefs of his son. 22 Mar 52-year-old Khalid Masud on the car hit people on Westminster bridge and drove to

Austria wanted to withdraw from the EU programme for the distribution of refugees

Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern is going to write a letter to the Commission explaining why the country does not want to participate in the program of the European Union for the distribution of refugees. On Tuesday, March 28, APA reports. The head of the Austrian government after the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers noted that Austria has pledged to take Greece and Italy nearly two thousand asylum seekers, however, due to the flow of illegal migrants, the state, and without having complied with this rule. “We believe that Austria will have to make an exception,” said Kern. The Vice Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner do not really believe that Vienna will be able to achieve any concessions from Brussels. The Minister of defence and sports of the country Hans Peter Doskocil said earlier that Austria should leave the EU programme for refugees from Africa and the Middle East, notes TASS.

Trump would limit the US concern about the environment

The US President Donald trump will sign a decree on the reduction of measures to combat climate change. It is reported by CNN. As noted, the decree will be signed on Tuesday, March 28. He cancels the prohibition of lease of Federal lands for coal mining companies and will give agencies and departments the task to define rules and regulations that hinder American energy independence. Formally from the fight for clean air and water Washington will not give up. The TV station said that the head of state as the main set a goal of creating jobs for Americans. “The President has made clear that he will not stand for such measures to combat climate change that harm the U.S. economy. It’s very simple,” explained one of the officials familiar with the situation. He stressed that the previous administration shunned the needs of the workers, and the current will be

The CEC allowed the simplification of the municipal filter on gubernatorial elections

Ella Pamfilova Municipal filter that requires gubernatorial candidates to collect signatures of local deputies, can be simplified, said the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova at the meeting with the Chairman of the party “Yabloko” Emilia Kabanovoy. It is reported by TASS on Tuesday, March 28. Representatives of fraction “the Apple” in legislative Assembly make to the state Duma was introduced a bill to abolish the municipal filter for parties with representation in regional parliaments, told Slabunov. Pamfilova noted that this initiative would be best to submit for consideration by the working group on improving electoral legislation established under the administration of the President. “I believe that given the fact that almost all parties agree on this filter, it will be a very serious subject for discussion, maybe for a decision,” — said Pamfilova. Last week the leader of the party “Great Motherland” Nikolay Starikov suggested to admit

The Petersburg municipal electoral Committee will vote for a referendum on the fate of Isaac

The municipal electoral Committee of St.-Petersburg at the meeting of the election Commission on Tuesday, March 28, to vote on draft decision on holding a referendum determining the future of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, informs “Fontanka.ru”. According to the publication, the document will be approved. “Presented in the Saint-Petersburg electoral Commission application for registration of the initiative group for the referendum and the attached documents meet the requirements of Federal law and the Law of St. Petersburg”, — stated in the draft decision. After approval by the electoral Commission the documents will be sent to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg for approval. The final stage is to gather signatures for a referendum to vote not less than two percent of the electorate (75 thousand people). The application for the holding of a referendum entered in the electoral Commission at the end of February. The address was passed by an initiative

Investigators believe the murder of the head of the interior Ministry registered

Investigators believe the murder of the head of the interior Ministry registered MOSCOW, 28 Mar — RIA Novosti. The priority version of murder of the employee of the MIA of Russia in the West of Moscow the investigation considers him an “order” for performance, but not eliminated, and ordinary robbery, reported RIA Novosti senior assistant head of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow Julia Ivanova. In addition, the investigators do not exclude that the criminals shot a police officer during a robbery. Head of repair and construction Department of the Ministry of interior was killed Tuesday in Moscow on the street Autumn. The man took the briefcase, and then finished off with several shots. He died on the spot. A criminal case of murder, robbery and illegal arms trafficking. In mass media appeared information about the fact that shortly before the murder the head of the repair Department of the

The deputies proposed to increase leave for irregular working hours

The deputies proposed to increase leave for irregular working hours Amendments the deputies proposed to the Labour code of Russia. It is reported TASS with reference to the authors of the document. In Russia the Code of the norm is considered a work week length of 40 hours (article 91 of the labour code). If we are talking about five days, and so work at the vast number of enterprises, the worker has to work daily 8 hours. But the employer has the right to increase these standards. In the explanatory note to the bill States that “the current legislation on crazy hours not conducive to the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of workers”. The time actually worked by the employee outside the working day (shift) may not exceed 120 hours per year. And then the person can be attracted only to overtime compensation, according to the bill.

Tourist survived in the jungle by monkeys

Tourist survived in the jungle by monkeys It turns out that since 1981 this is the first case when in the forests of Bolivia, the man lost. 25-year-old Maicol acuña separated from a group of tourists in a National Park, Madidi, located in the headwaters of the Amazon in Bolivia, lived in the jungle for 9 days, writes National Geographic. When he finally found, he admitted that he owes his life to monkeys, who shared with him food and water. According to him, he couldn’t find the river. By his own admission Mikula, in the jungle it was visited by strange thoughts, with the result that he, contrary to common sense, threw the mobile phone, flashlight and shoes. It turns out that since 1981 this is the first case when in the forests of Bolivia, the man lost.

Scientists explained the growing frequency of natural disasters

Scientists explained the growing frequency of natural disasters Extreme weather events (heat, floods, droughts, heavy rains) occur more often than before. This is because global warming changes the jet stream in the atmosphere. To the conclusions arrived at by climate scientists from the US and Germany who published their work in the journal Scientific Reports. The researchers analyzed about 50 different models describing climate change. They were checked, using historical data on weather anomalies and their accompanying conditions. The authors believe that these phenomena are associated with the formation of a stationary jet streams in the atmosphere — stable, narrow zones of strong wind in the upper troposphere. The authors of the study managed to obtain a model describing the large-scale temperature change. Such changes have become more noticeable as the observations and the simulation results. “Using our model, we have shown that the reason for this increase in greenhouse

Peskov denied the information on freezing the contacts of the Putin administration with the Parliament

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said the newspaper “Vedomosti” that the Kremlin administration has virtually ceased contacts with the Parliament, is not true, the correspondent of “Газеты.Ru”. “The presidential administration has been and remains completely open for all contacts,” he said. According to Peskov, the issues of party and factional issues is engaged in the Management of domestic policy of the Kremlin. “Of course, it is open,” – said the spokesman. This Peskov added: “it is Hardly possible to speak about the unwillingness to continue the intensive dialogue.”