Trump would limit the US concern about the environment

The US President Donald trump will sign a decree on the reduction of measures to combat climate change. It is reported by CNN.

As noted, the decree will be signed on Tuesday, March 28. He cancels the prohibition of lease of Federal lands for coal mining companies and will give agencies and departments the task to define rules and regulations that hinder American energy independence. Formally from the fight for clean air and water Washington will not give up.

The TV station said that the head of state as the main set a goal of creating jobs for Americans. “The President has made clear that he will not stand for such measures to combat climate change that harm the U.S. economy. It’s very simple,” explained one of the officials familiar with the situation. He stressed that the previous administration shunned the needs of the workers, and the current will be able to take care of them, and about nature.

Critics of the new measures argue that trump puts the environment at risk for the interests of their friends-fat-cat energy companies.