Scientists explained the growing frequency of natural disasters

Scientists explained the growing frequency of natural disasters

Extreme weather events (heat, floods, droughts, heavy rains) occur more often than before. This is because global warming changes the jet stream in the atmosphere.

To the conclusions arrived at by climate scientists from the US and Germany who published their work in the journal Scientific Reports.

The researchers analyzed about 50 different models describing climate change. They were checked, using historical data on weather anomalies and their accompanying conditions. The authors believe that these phenomena are associated with the formation of a stationary jet streams in the atmosphere — stable, narrow zones of strong wind in the upper troposphere.

The authors of the study managed to obtain a model describing the large-scale temperature change. Such changes have become more noticeable as the observations and the simulation results.

“Using our model, we have shown that the reason for this increase in greenhouse gases. Now we can trace the relationship human-induced climate warming and extreme weather events,” commented one of the authors, a Professor at the Pennsylvania state University Michael Mann.