In the Federation Council proposed to deprive of liberty street racing for a period of up to five years


RIA Novosti

The head of the Federation Council Committee on rules Vadim Tulpanov proposed to introduce criminal liability for street racing with a maximum term of imprisonment of up to five years. This is stated in the bill seanor, reports TASS.

In particular, the document refers to the addition of article 213 of the Russian criminal code (“Hooliganism”) as a new offence – “driving”. This article prescribes punishment in the form of large fines, forced labor and imprisonment for up to five years.

Tulips explains the need for stricter punishment of violators on the vehicle, “the emergence of a higher degree of danger to society and a threat to human life as a result of these acts.” As an example, the Senator leads the racers who “regularly racing in the streets”, the continuing “on the sidewalks and lawns”. However, he adds that often the racers spread record their races in the network than advocating the offence.

The Senator believes that administrative responsibility in respect of “riders” not “performs an effective preventive function”. In this regard, Tulip proposes to introduce criminal penalties for them.

Earlier it was reported that the Metropolitan street racer Igor Ishaev boasted of driving at 240 km/h the Mclaren.