“Pikachu” he refused to put on the court to catch pokemon Sokolowski

Man in suit pokemon Pikachu tried to get to the meeting of the Yekaterinburg court where the case is heard blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky. It is reported JustMedia.

A young man named Andrey Schukin has told that wanted to support the accused, although personally not familiar with it. “I think that to judge a person for the Mat clip and to provide for that period is wrong. You can just be fined. I saw the news with the court, where religious woman, speaking for the prosecution, said that he had not seen the pokemon, but nonetheless offended. So I decided to show her that there is nothing to be offended,” said Schukin.

To the court, “pokemon” was not allowed, the man had to remove the costume at the entrance to the building.

Monday, March 27, resumed the trial in the case Sokolowski. In mid-March, the court questioned witnesses for the prosecution, now there is a questioning of defence witnesses.

In August 2016, the 21-year-old blogger posted a clip on YouTube in which he plays Pokemon GO in the Temple-on-Blood, built on the site of the execution of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and his family. After the publication of the video, the young man became involved in the case. Nine of them made commercials found signs of incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity (article 282 of the criminal code).

In addition, Sokolowski imputed to article 148 (“violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion”) and 138.1 of the criminal code (“Illicit trafficking of special technical means intended for secret obtaining information”). The latter is due to the fact that his rented apartment found spy pen. Now the blogger is under house arrest.