The Senator has proposed a ban on surrogacy in Russia

Anton Belyakov

Senator Anton Belyakov proposed to ban in Russia surrogate motherhood. The bill he plans Monday, March 27, to submit to the state Duma, according to “Izvestia”.

According to Belyakov, the provision of surrogacy services performed by civil contract. This document establishes any and all rights and obligations of the parties but does not guarantee its strict compliance. As a result, according to the Senator, without legal protection remain and the surrogate mother and genetic parents, and children. It is noted that the prohibition should be valid until until Russia will not bring an integrated approach to the institution of surrogate motherhood.

“To transfer the child from the surrogate mother to parents-customers don’t even need the adoption procedure. In accordance with the Family code (part 4, article 51) the biological parents can take the newborn from the hospital only after the surrogate mother will agree to it. This often leads to the fact that the surrogate mother begins to blackmail the biological parents,” explained the author of the bill.

Belyakov added that currently the services of women for nurturing children are increasingly foreigners.

In December 2015, Senator Elena Mizulina suggested to equate commercial surrogacy in Russia to trafficking and jailing him for up to 10 years. According to her, the responsibility should only be involved intermediaries — commercial organizations. While she did not require complete ban of surrogacy, because in some cases this is the only opportunity for the couple to have a baby.