In Japan an avalanche killed 6 students

As a result of avalanches in Japan, according to preliminary data, killing at least six students, reports TASS, citing local fire Department.

Another three people were injured. Three unaccounted for, their search is ongoing.

The incident occurred at a ski resort in the heart of the Japanese city of NASU in Tochigi Prefecture.

As stated by the Secretary-General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Acehide Suga, in connection with the accident in Tochigi Prefecture, the government established the emergency headquarters, which will coordinate the search operation. The prefectural government sent a request for involvement of divisions of self-defense Forces to participate in operations.

Just in the resort area there are about 66 people, including 50 high school students from local schools. They are all engaged in the climbing sections and together with the instructors practiced climbing a mountain.