Chinese construction workers found a 500-year-old tomb

Builders in the County Taikang County Zhoukou city in China found during the installation of the conduit of the tomb with two mummified bodies. On Monday, March 27, reports The South China Morning Post, citing emerging in Henan province, the Dahe Daily newspaper.

According to the newspaper, a man and a woman whose mummy was discovered workers were buried about 500 years ago. Anthropologists who have worked on establishing their personalities, I believe that the bodies belong to the grandson of GU Zuo (Zuo Gu), the ranking official during the reign of the Ming dynasty, and his wife.

It is clarified that the clothes were clad body was so well preserved that it is possible to discern the gold patterns. The mummy lay in a separate crystal coffins in one grave.

In January it was reported that in the Hunan province in China found the tomb, the age of which exceeds 1.4 thousand years. A mural on the tomb of the experts called the oldest mural ever found in the area.