Zakharova called the cancellation of the visit of Johnson “know-how in diplomacy”

Maria Zaharovairina: Lavrov discussed with the foreign Minister of Britain, his visit to Russia

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in Facebook commented on reports by British media about the cancellation of the visit to Moscow of foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson.

Zakharov said that, according to publications, the trip is cancelled due to postponement of the meeting of foreign Ministers of countries-members of NATO. “What are they interesting: about the visit to Moscow has not been announced, and cancel are not forgotten. Some know-how in diplomacy”, — said the diplomat.

The UK foreign office has announced the visit of Johnson to Moscow in early March, noting that it should take place “in the coming weeks.” Main topics of the talks was to be the situation in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the development of bilateral relations. Officially the travel date was not called.

Negotiations of heads of foreign policy departments of the countries-members of NATO was held in Brussels on 5-6 April. However, due to the busy schedule they were not able to attend the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. He was able to participate in the meeting, it was moved to March 31.