Propinsi candidate won the election of the head of administration of Hong Kong

Carrie Lam

The new head of administration of Hong Kong for a five year term elected 59-year-old Carrie Lam, reports broadcaster RTHK.

Lam received at least 601 members of the electoral College needed to win.

TASS notes that the candidacy Lam supported Beijing.

The chief Minister of the special region of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) is currently elected by an electoral College of 1,200 people, mostly representing the business elite of the region and, as claimed by the opposition, under the control of Chinese authorities.

In Beijing it was proposed to introduce General elections of the head of Hong Kong, the number of candidates was limited to three, each of which had to receive the approval of at least half of the electors. Opposition to this idea was condemned, accusing Beijing to try to spread in Hong Kong “fake democracy,” and organized a protest called “revolution of umbrellas”. It lasted 79 days and was eventually broken up by police.

Hong Kong, formerly a British colony, became part of China in 1997. According to the agreement between London and Beijing, relations between Hong Kong and the PRC, the principle of “one country, two systems”: to 2047-th to Hong Kong is granted a broad autonomy within the framework of which it retains control over legislation, police, monetary system, duties and an immigration policy. The Beijing government is responsible for defense and foreign policy.