The police warned the perpetrator of the terrorist act in Berlin for 9 months before the attack

Criminal police office North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in March 201-6 th warned the authorities that carried out the attack in Berlin, the Tunisian Anis Amri can prepare the attack. On Saturday, March 25, writes Bild am Sonntag.

In the order of publication was the text of the official letter sent by the office of the interior Ministry of the Federal state. “The currently available reliable information, comes from Amri terrorist threat”, — the document says. As evidence provides some data, including extracts from the correspondence of the Tunisian in February 2016.

Criminal police office insisted that the Amri should be expelled from Germany, but a higher court ruled that this measure has no legal basis and rejected the idea. Interior Minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, after the attack, continued to insist on the fact that at the time a legitimate reason to send a young man there.

On 19 December 2016 truck, at the wheel which was 24-year-old Tunisian Anis Amri, rammed a crowd at a Christmas market in Central Berlin, 12 people were Killed, another 48 injured. The assailant fled. The German government has described the incident as a terrorist attack. Amri was declared wanted, he was later murdered in Milan in a shootout with Italian police.