Congressman núñez said about episodic spying on trump

Devin Nunes

The head of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. house of representatives Devin Nunes said during the election campaign Donald trump and his staff several times, became the object of surveillance of the security services. About it reports Reuters.

Núñez said that the relevant information was provided to him by an unnamed source. The Congresswoman saw firsthand reports on the observation of the trump — in his words, it was “a standard surveillance under the “Act of secret surveillance for the purposes of foreign intelligence””.

In the documents that he reviewed, there was no indication on the relationship of the tramp with Russia. However, this does not mean, said Nunez, that such documents do not exist in principle. The Congressman did not rule out that the security services continued to sporadically monitor the President and after the elections, and noted that he is concerned about this issue.

Sunday, March 19, Devin Nunes said that has no information about the relationship of Donald trump with the Kremlin during the election campaign. “I’ll give you a very simple answer: no. According to my data this morning, there is no evidence of collusion,” said the Congressman. He also said that US intelligence agencies did not conduct special surveillance of the skyscraper, the Republican nominee, Trump Tower that housed the headquarters of the billionaire.