Chechen students put write an essay about Buzova

Olga Buzova

In the village of the right Bank in Chechnya, the students are studying “the phenomenon of Olga Buzova” and write on this essay. The presenter is seen “as a hero of mass culture in modern Russia”. So is the theme, which features students of secondary school No. 2, writes Vladtime.

The students of the 10th class, you need to think about how an ordinary girl could become a famous TV presenter.

According to the teachers, the students loved the assignment. Lecturer in social studies sure to write essays about youth culture is much more interesting for students than to describe, for example, historical events.

The school entered the educational category of “Youth culture”, in which you need to write about a hero of our time. “Politesse” notes that in 2017, the adolescents had three persons to choose from: singers Urkis and Yegor kreed and Buzova. Especially popular was His. Work for students is mandatory.

After the TV presenter called for Ivan, it has become very popular among the local youth. Her career path has been the subject of admiration, is indicated by “Politesse”.

Buzova visited the Chechen capital in January 2017. According she was invited by fashion house Firdaws, which is headed by the daughter of the head of Chechnya a 20-year-old Aishat Kadyrova. For several hours she spent in the Fashion house, tried on dresses, got a few of them as a gift. On the evening of the receiving party staged Buzova a celebration in honor of her birthday. At the Banquet, not without dancing, in which took part and the guest, who performed the lezginka.

Olga Buzova — former member and later moderator of the project “Dom-2” on TNT. Participated in the filming television programs. Singer and model, mistress of her own brand of clothing.