Artist attack in London suspected of having links with international terrorism

The perpetrator of the attack near the building of the British Parliament in London could be associated with international terrorism. On Thursday, March 23, RIA Novosti reported citing the head of the antiterrorist division of Scotland Yard, Mark Rowley.

According to him, the driver managed to stop near the entrance to the Parliament. “The attackers were driven by ideas of international terrorism, however, to draw final conclusions still early,” he said.

Rowley confirmed that the assailant was shot, but refused to disclose his identity. “The investigation is ongoing, so at this stage to disclose the identity of him, talking about possible accomplices inappropriate,” he said, adding that currently the police establishes connection with a possible criminal co-conspirators.

Also, the head of Scotland Yard said that the death toll increased to five and wounded up to 40 people. Previously reported four dead and about 20 injured.

Earlier on 22 March it was reported that the media found out the name of the suspect in the attack, but later it became known that this information is most likely incorrect.

March 22 at about 14:40 local time (17:40 GMT) in London, a car heading across Westminster bridge, moved out to the sidewalk, where he hit a few people, and then drove to the Parliament building. There the offender was stopped by police. One of the guards he was stabbed, from the received wounds he later died. The alleged terrorist shot and killed another police officer. The police are describing the incident as a terrorist attack. None of the radical organizations has not claimed responsibility for it.