The Jews called for the return of taken away in the years of Soviet religious property


RIA Novosti

The Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC) in favor of a return taken away in the years of Soviet power, religious property, calling on governments – especially regional – actively seized of the matter, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the FJC Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

“There is a state law № 327-FZ “On transfer to religious organizations property of religious significance owned by the state or municipal ownership”, which we certainly support. But we also like to see the authorities, especially regional ones, more actively involved in restitution,” said he.

Today, as reported by the Beard, the FJC gave the historic buildings of the synagogues in Kaluga and Rybinsk, in a number of cities in negotiations. The head of the FJC described them as “quite complex and time-consuming process.”

However, the Jewish community in favor of active interaction with the authorities on this issue. “It is clear that these premises are already occupied by other organizations. Most often it is medical or educational institution. Nobody is going to drive as no one wants the voltage in connection with the return to religious organizations of religious buildings. To translate these institutions in other buildings, you need a healthy interaction”, — said the head of the FJC.

He said the restitution is the restoration of historical justice. Thus, according to him, in Russia there is a lack of synagogues, as before 1917, the Jewish community was subjected to various limitations and “just physically do not have time to “grow into” significant property”.

Previously the public was concerned with the fate of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, which the authorities of St. Petersburg decided to transfer the ROC for free use for 49 years. Representatives of the ROC stated that its function as a Museum of the Cathedral will be expanded, and the entrance to the Cathedral will be free.