Putin urged to save the Russians from rudeness in registries of hospitals

Putin urged to save the Russians from rudeness in registries of hospitals

In the registries of Russian hospitals and clinics with patients “often” with rudeness. This was at a meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports “Interfax”.

According to him, the need to ensure that citizens got on reception to the doctor and was examined “without nerves and queues”.

Patients themselves “fair and reasonable” say that there are not enough doctors. Particularly acute this problem is felt in small towns and settlements where it is difficult to enroll the right person, quickly to be examined, said Putin. Doctors could pay more attention to patients, they need to get rid of paperwork.

In June 2015 the Central all-Russian people’s front said that the Russian health care system needs “a real optimization on the basis of new decisions,” not the one “which implements the Ministry of health officials”. This issue, the organization planned to discuss with President Vladimir Putin in the framework of the forum devoted to health issues.

In March 2016, the General Prosecutor’s office revealed that in most Metropolitan hospitals distort accounting documents, making the information about neokazanii services. As reported in the Department, “the distortion of accounting documents is permitted in the majority of Moscow healthcare institutions” and inner control over their work from the Department of health of Moscow “was inadequate”.