Russia has proposed to introduce a summer long lunch break

Russia has proposed to introduce a summer long lunch break

This week in the state Duma scheduled the first reading of the bill, which the authors propose to introduce in Russia Siesta. Namely, in the summer months to increase the lunch break to a minimum of two hours.

Meanwhile, the labor market experts note that in practice, a fixed break is gradually becoming a relic of the past, and many Russians, especially office workers, are resting not when expected, but when I have time. If at all there.

The current version of article 108 of the Labour code stipulates that “within one working day, the employee should be given a break for rest and meal lasting not more than two hours and not less than 30 minutes.” Discounts on seasonal characteristics of working conditions were not provided.

Meanwhile, in the summer, especially during heat waves, the body is exposed to heavy loads and more fatigue, says an explanatory note. In the process of eating is the outflow of blood from the nervous system to the digestive system. It causes drowsiness and reduces efficiency.

Therefore, the body needs more time to recuperate and return to full work, conclude the lawmakers. One of them, by the way, from the Rostov region, where in summer the temperature in the sun reaches 40-50 degrees. So, about how in the heat, knows from his own experience.

The developers of the document indicate what is especially important is a full dining relaxation to those who because of circumstances have to Wake up early.

Of human biological rhythms are set up so that afternoon fatigue is a phenomenon that manifests itself after about 8 hours after morning awakening. Regardless of whether it was lunch or not. In this situation, a long afternoon rest will not only contribute to the well-being of employees, but greater productivity, are confident the authors of the bill.

A longer break would not require, in their opinion, increasing the length of the working day. The bill prescribes that at this time it should not exceed 35 hours per week.

In the conclusion of profile Committee of the state Duma on work notes that, given the extent of the territory of Russia, in different regions of the “summer” can be interpreted differently based on temperature.

Moreover, the Committee feared that the increase in break for employees will result in additional financial burden on employers, and will lead to a shortfall in revenues of budgets of all levels. And clarify that the breaks do not require additional regulation. “The law already requires employers to take care of safe working conditions, if necessary, providing additional time for vacation or even shortening the working day”, — stated in the conclusion of the Committee.

The majority of domestic enterprises to relax and lunch staff, as a rule, play 60 minutes. “Tight control of the duration of the lunch break is present mainly in the enterprises from such sectors as raw material extraction, production, security and banking sector”, — said the head of the research service HeadHunter Mariya Ignatova, referring to the results of the survey. One-third of the surveyed workers the lunch break is recorded strictly from 13 to 14 hours. Still a third, especially for office workers, this time floating between 12 and 16 hours, she says.

“For any employer important to overall productivity of the employee. And his right to a break during working hours only helps to support it. And most companies do not put any obstacles to its employees the right to take a lunch break,” notes Michael Germershausen, managing Director of recruitment company Antal Russia. Of course, there are people in Russia who do not use the breaks, giving everything time to work. Them, according to experts, is becoming more but still a quick lunch at the workplace is more the exception, while in English and American offices is the tendency.

Most often, the British and the Americans have your lunch break at your Desk, eating a sandwich with a coke or coffee, simultaneously, not looking up from his work at the computer. Max went down to buy in the nearest cafe sandwich. This is not because employers prohibit employees break for lunch, just office workers adhere to the principle “time is money”, tend to be more efficient and I do not wish to be distracted from work.

“As for an elongated lunch break, he is in the South and is dictated primarily by the climate. However, we see that these countries do not occupy leading positions on economic development,” summarizes Michael Germershausen.