The experts made the cut in the working week to four days

The experts made the cut in the working week to four days

The fourth industrial revolution in which more and more is used artificial intelligence and applied robotics, will affect the structure of employment and the reduction of the working week. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday, March 21, Professor, faculty of social Sciences, HSE Tatyana Maleva, reports TASS.

“This is not the first technological revolution. Humanity has experienced this, and the reaction of the labor market was the reduction of the working day,” she said during a round table dedicated to the presentation of the report “the Russian labor market: trends, institutions and structural change”.

According to Maleva, the changes are unlikely to lead to unemployment.

There will be a reduction of working time (…) Perhaps in the future will work not five, but four nataliana Malapropism faculty of social Sciences, HSE

As noted in the report, over the last 20 years Russia has developed a specific model of the labor market. So, it adapts to the fluctuations in the economy due to changes in wages and not due to changes in the unemployment rate.

16 March it was reported that the Ministry of labor has prepared a draft government resolution on the transfer of weekends and holidays in 2018 in connection with the holidays.

In late February the head of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin said that Russia needs to accelerate technical progress. In this context, it is premature to introduce income tax for employed in the manufacture of robots-manipulators, he said.