Chinese customs caught a smuggler with diamonds in their shoes

Chinese customs officers detained the man from Hong Kong who tried to transport a large consignment of diamonds in your own shoes. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

“He looked suspicious because of his gait: was walking on eggshells. However, when he noticed that we look at him, just began to walk normally,” explained one of the employees of the customs service.

The man was asked to remove shoes: remove insole, officials found several packets of diamonds with a total weight in carats 212,9. According to customs officials, this is the second such incident in nine days: March 4, they intercepted a shipment of diamonds 1554, which the attackers tried to hold the packages of nuts.

15 January 2016 PRC police found and arrested the smugglers, who managed to smuggle into the country a party of Fox pelts with a total value of 134 million dollars.