The red Cross has warned of an impending famine in Somalia and Yemen


The international Committee of the red cross (ICRC) has warned about a large-scale famine that will soon begin in Somalia and Yemen. About it reports Reuters.

“We have three or four months to avoid the worst of the possible scenarios, — said the Director of the operational division of the ICRC Dominique Stillhart. In this case coincided many factors, in particular on the protracted conflicts had droughts”.

According to Stillhart, a total of hunger may affect more than 20 million people. Added to this is rampant in Somalia, the cholera, which affects mostly children. ICRC lacks about $ 100 million to make the necessary arrangements.

As an example of what can happen, Stillhart brought the famine in Somalia in 2011. “Then we were swinging too long, — he reminded. — Help came late, and in that year alone, Somalia from hunger suffered 260 thousand people”.

The civil war in Somalia began in 1988. The state was divided into several semi-independent entities, warring with each other and with the Islamic organization “Jamaat al-Shabab”, which controls part of the territory.

The armed conflict in Yemen broke out in 2014. Rebels housetop in Alliance with former President Ali Abdullah Saleh are fighting against the forces of President Abd-rabbu Mansour Hadi, supported by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia.