Theresa may has told Vogue magazine about the trump-gentleman

Theresa may has told Vogue magazine about the trump-gentleman

British Prime Minister Theresa may insists that during her visit to the United States shortly after the election Donald trump for President he “behaved like a gentleman” when he took her by the arm.

“We had quite a steep descent, and he said that it might be a little uncomfortable,” she said in an interview with the American version of the glamorous Vogue magazine.

On the question of what it thought about trump, Theresa may said: “I hope that we found a common language.”

Where does @theresa_may stand? We sat down with her to find out.

— Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine) on 20 March 2017.

In a lengthy article, illustrated pictures by American photographer Annie Leibovitz, may respond to a wide variety of issues, including the continued question about what it’s like when you are constantly compared to other British Prime Minister-a woman — Margaret Thatcher.

“There can be only one Margaret Thatcher, was her answer. And I, Theresa may, and I’m doing things my way”.

When asked what opinion she made about Donald trump in the course of their first meeting in Washington in January of this year, Mei thought: “it is Clear that he… uh… he was an amazing victory, especially for a person who has never engaged in politics”.

Vogue journalist Gaby wood did not give up — she wanted to know, did Theresa may in a conversation with trump his comments on women, which she previously called “unacceptable”.

“I do not comment on their private conversation,’ she answered finally. — Let me just say that I made it clear: I’m not afraid to touch on difficult topics, and the nature of our relationship is that we can be honest and open with each other”.

Great system

Wood asked Theresa may and her family life; in particular, about the relationship with her husband Philip, their wedding took place shortly before her parents died.

“I was very fortunate that he supports me a lot,” admitted British Prime Minister.

To the question about why she started a family, she replied simply: “it happens, we have no children, but accept it and live on.”

Mei also admitted that at home she likes to cook, but recently was surprised to find that her husband makes great risotto.

“Actually, we have a great system, she said. — I cook, and then he puts all the dishes in the dishwasher”.

Gaby wood discuss with Teresa may and the scandal that broke out after photos accompanying her interview with a British newspaper, she was in leather pants, which cost nearly a thousand pounds (about $ 1,200).

“Throughout my political career people have commented on my clothes — you accept it as inevitable,” said British Prime Minister.