The main cat of Britain was caught in malfeasance

The main cat of Britain was caught in malfeasance

Cat Larry, who was taken to serve in the office of the Prime Minister of great Britain, unable to cope with their responsibilities at catching mice. Instead, he prefers to play with them. The time of the Commission of flagrant misconduct hit the lens of the photographer.

Visual evidence of the incompetent cat Larry captured political photographer Steve Back. A tiny mouse, which met the Chief Mouser Downing street, after a short game successfully escaped, wrote Back, the message which is quoted by The Telegraph.

No10 Downing Street cat Larry misses out on a tasty treat as a pesky mouse escapes from his clutches – The Sun

— Spotty Kips (@spottykips) 17 Mar 2017

Recently, Larry has been spotted asleep, while the mouse was walking right under his nose.

Larry was taken to serve in the office due to the fact that the building had a serious problem with mice. But, apparently, he is not going to resolve it. Although, the newspaper notes, the mere presence of a cat can deter insect pests.

In that time, while Larry does not detect predatory instincts, Moggi Palmerston, serving the Ministry of foreign Affairs, caught dozens of mice, in addition, the cat Gladstone from the Treasury copes with his work.

However, while reports that Larry was going to resign, no.

My friend @PoliticalPics thinks I look sleepy; I’m actually just lulling the mice into a false sense of security…

— Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) March 14, 2017

The problem with mice is particularly acute in government and parliamentary buildings in London. Recently, the Assembly of the British capital mouse fell from the ceiling and on the group came on a tour of schoolchildren.