Military University ready to start learning the Russian military journalists


RIA Novosti

Department of information security (before 2010 — Department of journalism) Moscow Military University (VU) is ready to resume military training of journalists for the Ministry of defence and other power structures of Russia, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the Professor of the Department Colonel Vladimir Larchenkov.

Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” reported that the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation and the Federal service of national guard troops (Regardie) resumed the training of military journalists, the latest edition of which took place in 2013; the relevant professionals is again planned to teach at the Department of journalism WU.

According to the newspaper, the defense Minister, army General Sergey Shoigu has taken a decision on the set of WU in 2017 20 students-journalists: 10 of them will be trained on the application of Regardie, the rest will be prepared for further military service in the Russian defense Ministry. Upon completion, graduates will be assigned to the Lieutenant title and issued certificates indicating the military specialty “Military journalist”.

“The Department of information support of the Military University — so she is now called — is ready to resume military training of journalists for the defence Ministry and other state security structures of the Russian Federation”, — said the Larchenkov.

He noted that currently the Department trains specialists in the state educational standard in Military journalism exclusively for foreign countries. The term of study is five years.

“Directive on the recruitment of students, apparently signed and from day to day will be brought to the performers. Look forward to a group set in 2017”, — said Professor of the Department of information support of the WU.

“Military University trains military journalists on the five-year program. I hope that by 2022 will earn an updated system media the armed forces and other power structures of the state, and in Newspapers and magazines of the Ministry of defense of Russia will be restored to officer positions. The army is very necessary today professional journalists who are able to cover daily and combat activity of the troops and forces and do not confuse the commander with the commander,” added the Larchenkov.

Military posts in the state magazines and Newspapers (district, naval, divisional and brigade), teleradiostudiya of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation abolished in 2010. Currently, their is specialists civilian personnel. The exception is the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, where the “raspolozive” Institute of military journalists has left two dozen military posts for the Junior officers.

Journalists with military ranks continue to work in the publications of the FSB of Russia and Regardie. Their colleagues in uniform, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia are of special ranks of officers of the internal service.

Training of specialists in the state educational standard “Military journalism” for the Russian state security forces at the Military University of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation is currently not conducted. The staffing of the Department of information support of WU in 2010, the military position is not provided. The faculty is represented mainly by reserve officers, with experience of serving in the military media. The Department is headed by Olga Fomina.

Until the early 1990-ies of the four-year military training of journalists was carried out in the Lviv higher military-political school (LWPW). Senior military education officers, journalists until 1997, received at the editorial Department of the Military political Academy imeni V. I. Lenin (then Humanitarian Academy of the Armed forces; now — WOO).

In 1993, a Directive of the Minister of defence of the Russian Federation General of the army Pavel Grachev to the Humanitarian Academy of the armed forces of the Russian Federation was formed the faculty of culture and journalism, where from Lviv were transferred to the students (journalists and kultprosvetrabotnikov), refused to take the Ukrainian oath.

On the basis of the former LITU currently operates a diversified base of University of the land forces of Ukraine.