Ethiopian military released the abducted children

Ethiopian military rescued six children abducted by soldiers from southern Sudan after their attack on the border region of Gambella. About it reports Reuters. According to the authorities, the rescue operation of children continues. “Many of the victims are still in Ethiopia in the hands of thieves,” —said Umod Started (Umod Othow), representative of the regional government. South Sudanese security forces attacked the border area on Monday, March 13. The attack killed 28 people, 43 children kidnapped. South Sudan gained independence in 2011. In 2013, conflict broke out between President Salva Kiir and Vice President Reecom Masara, is still ongoing. The war over 3 million people were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in bordering Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Germany has proposed to NATO countries to measure activity

Ursula von der Leyen The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen has proposed to introduce a new tool to evaluate the contribution of NATO countries in the military activities of the unit. About it reports on Friday, March 17, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The head of the German defense Minister called for the establishment of “activity index”. It is anticipated that it will include the participation of member States in the operations of the Alliance. The Minister also said that Germany needed impetus for the early modernisation of the armed forces (Bundeswehr). According to von der Leyen, Germany as a country with a strong economy can not afford to violate obligations to other members of the Alliance at the time, as poorer States are able to comply with them. The initiative of the head of Department is intended to complement the recommended ratio of defense expenditures for NATO

Italian paid 70 thousand Euro for the dinner grandma with Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi Italian for 70 thousand euros bought my grandmother a dinner in the company of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. About it reports Tgcom24. Evening with 80-year-old media Mogul has become one of the lots in the charity auction organized at the initiative of the Italian red cross. The proceeds from the sale, donate the victims of the earthquake in Central Italy. As noted, the woman decided to participate in the event in order to make a nice grandmother. She is a longtime fan of the former head of the Italian government. It is reported that the elderly woman has yet to go to dinner with Berlusconi. It will be held at his luxury Villa in Arcore to Milan. The exact date of the meeting will be called in the next few days. The offer is valid for a maximum of three people. 24 August 2016 in Central Italy

Putin Radaev has appointed the acting head of the Saratov region

Valery Radaev The President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted the early resignation of the Governor of Saratov region Valery Radaev and appointed him acting head of the region. This is the website of the Kremlin on Friday, March 17. Radaev will perform the duties of the head of the Saratov region before the entry into office of a person elected the head of the region stated in the decree of the President. It is noted that earlier on Friday, the President held a working meeting with Radaev. Topics were the development of the region’s economy in 2016 and the implementation of the may decrees of the President. Radaev has reported a record grain harvest of 4.4 million tons, growth of industrial production, as well as the start of comprehensive development of urban space in Saratov. The head of state expressed hope that Radaev is also “actively and effectively working like

The Communists refused to show unity with the “United Russia”

Gennady Zyuganov The Communist party does not plan on 18 March to participate in the rally on the Sparrow hills, on the three year anniversary of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, as the faction is not willing to show unity with the government. This was announced by the leader of Communists Gennady Zyuganov, reports TASS on Friday, March 17. He explained that deputies from the Communist party regularly submit to the Duma draft laws that improve the lives of citizens, but they constantly reject the representatives of the parliamentary majority deputies from “United Russia”. “We made a proposal to fill the budget, the party in power refuses. We propose to support the children of war — they refuse,” he listed the Communist party leader. The presence of Communists at the event, according to Zyuganov, will become a manifestation of the fact that under the leadership of the EP

Brother finder Novosibirsk physics reported his mental illness

Yuri Samples A physicist from Novosibirsk Yury Samples, found in Kazakhstan’s Almaty after almost three years of absence, suffers from mental illness and has repeatedly left the house. About it RIA Novosti was told by his brother Sergei Obraztsov. According to relatives, the physicist went missing in April 2014. Prior to that, he many times left on the train, but he was dropped and he returned home. “I could not hinder him, he was not declared incapacitated and as any free man could go where he wants,” said Sergei Obraztsov. Initially the man tried himself to find the missing brother, but in the end went to the police. Sergei Obraztsov said that his relative to 2003 he worked at the Institute of laser physics, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, read a lot of books, but then he developed a mental disorder, he complained of headache, and hallucinations.

Two planes narrowly avoided collision at the airport of Simferopol

Two planes narrowly avoided collision at the airport of Simferopol Two of the aircraft company “Ural airlines” nearly collided on the runway at the airport of Simferopol. On Friday, March 17, reports “kriminform” with reference to the eyewitness of an incident. “Aircraft A-320 flying flight U6−2932 in Yekaterinburg, had to move beyond runway, to avoid collision with the Airbus A-321 (flight U6−521) from Moscow, landing and heading to the terminal,” gives life to the words of the source. Cars ambulance and emergency arrived at the scene 20 minutes later. Was-was)) #Uralscheben trampled lawns in Simferopol) Publication from Ivan Maltsev (@ivanmalcev) Mar 17 2017 at 5:50 PM PDT Two aircraft “Ural airlines” narrowly escaped a collision on … — Criminals (@crimeainform) 17 Mar 2017 According to “kryminform”, the airport authority and the company “Ural airlines” has not yet commented on the incident. At the end of July, 2016, the

Pig in the house: whether to get myself a mini-pig, even if you really want

Pig in the house: whether to get myself a mini-pig, even if you really want Cute pygmy pigs can now be found in the contact zoos and restaurants — cafes “Fanny Kabani”, for example, all built around such a pig. “Bill Daily” to find out what it’s like to keep the house mini-pig. Where they came from Dwarf pigs began to withdraw in the second half of the XX century as donors for transplantation of organs: the experiments were conducted both in the USSR and in the West. Scientists have sought to reduce the weight of ordinary pigs (300-500 pounds) to the weight of the person. In the 80s in the United States noted that the resulting miniature pigs can be kept at home and started the fashion for mini-pigou, which eventually spread to Europe. First teacup pig appeared in Russia 12-15 years ago. The head of the Russian mini

In the network appeared the unknown story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

In the network appeared the unknown story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald The New Yorker magazine laid out previously unknown satirical story of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The I. O. U.”, dated 1920. “The I. O. U.” tells the story of an unscrupulous book publisher, ready to do anything for the sake of high sales. “I’m a publisher. I’m ready to publish any sort of book. I’m looking for a book that can be sold with a circulation of 500 thousand copies. Now is the season of novels about paranormal phenomena,” — said in the last paragraph of the story. In September 2016, the publishing house Simon & Schuster announced the release of a collection of unpublished short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald “I’d die for you” (“I’d Die for You”). All works were written in the mid and late 1930-ies and for various reasons was not printed. A previously unpublished short

Gold rush. As sheepskin cyanide and the bacteria help modern-day prospectors

Gold rush. As sheepskin cyanide and the bacteria help modern-day prospectors Breathtaking stories of extraordinary luck prospectors and “gold fever” has created a common misconception that gold mining the main thing — in time to be in the right place. In fact, the battle for gold, which are always short and always need more — it’s always a test of observation, perseverance and ingenuity. N + 1 tells where and how to get the yellow metal. Along with iron and copper, gold claims the title of first metal that man learned to extract and process. The average contents (Clarke) of iron in the earth’s crust about 50 kilograms per ton of copper is about 80 grams per ton, and gold is just 0.005 grams per ton. If the gold was distributed in the earth’s crust evenly, in order to score on the small ring, it would be necessary to divide